Fast and Easy – Take on the Go – Breakfast – Oatmeal Peanut Butter Smoothie – 350 Calories

Starting your morning off right with a healthy breakfast sets the stage for a great day. I know, I know who has time in the morning when it’s just rush, rush to get out the door. This oatmeal peanut butter smoothie literally takes less than a few minutes, only 4 ingredients and if you own the Hamilton Beach single serve blender you can take the blender with you. It is compact and has a travel lid. No morning dishes!


300 ml. / 10 oz. Almond Milk

90 gr. / 3 oz. Banana (about a small to medium size Banana)

25 gr. Oatmeal (any kind of oatmeal is ok)

16gr. / 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter ( I like Skippy, I know its my the best, but I like it.)

Dash of Cinnamon

Peel the banana and break into a few pieces with your hands. (No need to beak out the cutting board for this smoothie.) Toss in the Oatmeal. Spoon in the Peanut Butter, than pour in you Almond Milk. For a quick way to measure the milk, just fill up to the 400 ml line on your the Hamilton Beach blender as shown in picture below . Blend. Remove from blender base, add straw and your on your way.

350 calories – 50gr.  carbs – 13gr. fat – 9gr. protein – 19 gr. sugar (most of the sugar from banana, not processed)


I like to take my single serve blender with me when I travel abroad. Its easy to keep blendable ingredients in your hotel room that do not need a refrigerator, like fruit, vegetables, peanut butter etc. I use the Travel Smart Converter by Conair. This is a high powered converter that can handle up to 1875 watts.

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