Lufthansa Premium Economy Review. Hot or not?

Recently my husband and I flew from Frankfurt to San Francisco, flight LH 454 on their large Airbus 380. When I purchased the tickets through the Lufthansa reservation site it gave a choice to upgrade to Premium Economy for a few hundred dollars more. I thought why not try it. So here is my take on the flight.

When you board you are escorted towards the front of the plane. There are fewer seats in the Premium section as expected and a lot more room to move around and stow luggage. This for me is a big plus since I am always traveling with my 11 pound Maltese dog, named Sammy and find it difficult to move through the aisle and cram his carrier under the seat. As you can see in the photo Sammy’s carrier the Sherpa pet carrier measuring 19” L x 11.75” W x 11.5” H, fit just fine and still gave me a lot of leg room as opposed to economy seats where the carrier ends up sticking out and not leaving any foot room. The seat its self is roomy and comfortable and has a pull out foot rest.

I was not able to use my foot rest since it was blocked by the carrier, but that’s okay small sacrifice for my beloved Sammy. Although my husband enjoyed his. Once we are settled in there is a bottle of water and toiletry bag with sleep mask, earplugs, socks , refreshment towel, and toothbrush-tooth paste set waiting at the seat. The flight attendants than proceeds to serve a welcome drink and a printed menu of the meals that will be served on the flight.The menu for our flight consisted of Dinner with an appetizer of Mixed seasonal Salad with Radish Julienne presented with French dressing, main course – Grilled Chicken Breast with Barbecue Sauce, stewed Pumpkin and Corn Mash or Rigatoni Pasta with Cheese Sauce and creamy Spinach. Dessert – Chocolate Mousse with shaved White Chocolate. I had the pasta as shown in the picture below. Shortly before landing we were served Lunch with a choice of Fried Chicken Breast on Mustard Sauce served with mixed vegetables and mashed Broccoli or Tomato Ravioli with Arrabbiata Sauce, diced Zucchini and Eggplant. Dessert – Berry Tartlet with Cream.

Food presentation was nice. Meals were served in ceramic dishes, beverages in glassware and metal silverware, as opposed to in economy where all containers are aluminum and the cutlery is.

Throughout the flight there is an extensive entertainment program, You will find a wide selection of movies, TV shows, kids shows, games, music and audio books. All available on your individual touch-screen monitor. The entertainment system also comes with a remote control that doubles as a keyboard and game controller.

So would I fly Premium Economy again. Definitely yes, even more so if the price is just slightly higher than regular economy. The extra space and leg room alone on a long haul flight is worth the extra money spent . Next time I’ll see about trying out Lufthansa’s Business Class too see how it compares.

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